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Quick & Easy Cleansing The AA Way

I’m pleased to bring you a new review of goodies from the AA Skincare Range. Top quality but affordable, AA are always introducing new and naturally innovative products for your hair and skin.

Most recently I was sent their Soothing Cleansing Wipes and Cleansing Bodycare Wipes which both contain beneficial Aloe Vera.

Soothing Cleansing Wipes AA wipes review

Natural extracts of Aloe Vera and Green Tea soothe and nourish skin. Olus Oil moisturises. Perfect to quickly prepare skin in the morning or wipe away impurities at the end of the day, leaving skin calm, cool and refreshed.

Alcohol and perfume free.

Suitable for all skin types.

You all know the drill with face wipes by now, so, how do these compare?

I always opt for the gentle wipes from any range as my skin does have a tendency to be sensitive. Sometimes that means scrubbing a little harder to remove make-up as I’m a fan of long-lasting lipsticks and the like, which is counter productive as I want them to be gentle! It was no problem for the AA wipes and even my mascara came off with just a couple of swipes.

I’m trying to be more thorough with a skincare routine now I’m getting (even) older by investing in the Arbonne products I told you about recently but these are absolutely perfect for those mornings and evenings when you’re running out of time. Especially in this recent hot weather when the last thing you feel like doing is sitting faffing with products. Also, because it’s been so hot I’m wearing less make-up anyway so a refreshing wipe is just lovely to remove the day.

AA’s Soothing Cleansing Wipes have a RRP of £3.30 for a pack of 25.

 Cleansing Bodycare Wipes AA wipes review

Naturally antiseptic Tea Tree oil cleanses and removes bacteria, whilst Aloe Vera leaves skin cool and calm.

Alcohol and artificial fragrance free.

Suitable for all skin types.

These are proving very useful during this spell of hot weather.

Often Stella gets filthy on big walks and geocaching trips which means I feel grubby having dealt with her…add sweat to the mix and AA bodycare wipes are a Godsend. I used to only have antibacterial hand gel with us but a little squeeze of that just doesn’t cut it some days!

These would also have been utterly perfect during my years of illness. A lot of days I couldn’t have a bath or shower and then only if there was someone in the house in case I fell over dizzy. How nice it would have been to have these to hand to feel clean all over with convenience and privacy!

AA’s Cleansing Bodycare Wipes have a RRP of £3.30 for a pack of 25.


*these wipes provided by AA Skincare so that I could share an honest review. 

**feature photo credit: AloeVeraRealm via photopin (license)

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