#Post40Bloggers Writing Prompt: When

‘When’ is #76 in the list of writing prompts for us Post 40 Bloggers, there’s plenty to choose from if you fancy a go. It doesn’t even have to be creative writing, some are designed to be anecdotal or topical.

However, you know how I work by now, so, here’s a new poem.



When I’m with you I feel so safe.
Like you were made to be my friend.
I’m still unsure of my role in life,
And I’d love to see how our journey will end.

When we talk, we talk about everything.
The news and our views on the world around,
Our mutual friends say there’s more going on,
And I’d love to see if that’s what we’ve found.

When we meet up there are lots of laughs,
Mickey-taking, leg-pulling, are your MO.
We disagree on some things of course,
And I’d love to see how far this will go.

When I’m with you I’m relaxed and calm,
But I’m wishing that my heart would race.
Lots in common and we get on well,
And I’d love to see more of you around the place.

When we talk, we can talk for hours,
About work and play, it’s nice to chat.
A little bit of flirting doesn’t get missed,
And I’d love to see if it’s more than that.

When we meet up, we’re part of the crowd,
Our friends are there, meeting up too.
It’s often noisy, and busy as well,
And I’d love to see, one day, just you.



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