Post 40 Bloggers Writing Prompt: You and Sport

I wasn’t sure which writing prompt to choose this week as the Post 40 Bloggers one is ‘Endings’ and last week’s poem seemed a bit too close to that for me to write something else on that theme.

So, whether wisely or not, I let the good people of Twitter choose for me by picking a number. The first reply was from @Lola_Dashuri and was #87.

‘You and sport.’

Me and sport. Do you know me?!

In this area I’m definitely a watcher rather than a doer, but, a prompt’s a prompt so I had to give it a go!


My dad was captain of the football team,
For me to do well would have been a dream.
Enthusiastic fan, but, that was all.
I needed extra lessons just to catch a ball.

Hand-eye co-ordination, not my thing,
Instead on the touchline I would sing.
‘Come on you Spurs!’ if I had my way,
But White Hart Lane was too far away.

Summer, in the garden, I’d be a tennis star,
Better at hitting than catching, by far.
In athletics I said no thanks to races,
I’d always trip over my own shoelaces.

Netball and hockey just didn’t appeal,
And to Mum & Dad, not a big deal.
As we lived right out in the sticks,
There was no point aiming for Olympics.

I might have fancied racing cars,
Driving around with the superstars.
Haven’t played in a team since school,
Well, that’s unless we count shooting pool.

I’m not being lazy sitting on my bum,
But neither will you find me in a rugby scrum.
I love to walk but is walking sport?
Yoga; pilates; I’m a peaceful sort.

Sometimes I watch and think ‘that looks fun’,
Then I think ‘I don’t want to run!’
So, I’m not much of a participator,
Me and sport? I’m just a spectator!


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