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Loving Lingerie with House Of Fraser

A bit of a different wishlist post from me, but, now I’m a few dress sizes smaller, I am finding myself having to go shopping, quite literally, for smalls! Loose lingerie is not a good look.

I’m so very proud of myself that I’ve gone from a size 18 (that’s probably the first time I’ve admitted that in writing) to a 10-12 in less than a year but the pretty constant downsizing is meaning things in my drawer department are rather baggy these days!

I have been having a riotous time bringing ‘new’ clothes home from the charity shop but of course that’s not possible with undies so proper shopping has been required.

It’s been a pleasure browsing House Of Fraser’s Lingerie department for a few really nice bits and pieces and I hope you like my selections. You’ll need to remember that I am middle-aged now but rest assured there is plenty to choose from for you young fillies too!  🙂


House Of Fraser Lingerie August 2016


DKNY cotton cami








As always House Of Fraser have a wide range of items from lots of designers suited to all ages, body types, and budgets…my only disappointment was the small range of camisole or vest tops. My chest was the first thing to disappear with those first pounds so I prefer that type of underwear to bras.

Not much purple either but plenty of alternatives to black or white. Some lovely stuff I think you’ll agree?


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  1. Hi Lisa
    I enjoy reading your posts and am thrilled for you that you’ve achieved such great weight loss. I too am on a get fit and less fat campaign as I approach a milestone birthday. So your post is a real incentive for me.

    Happy (smalls) shopping!

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