Post 40 Bloggers Writing Prompt: Blogging

Writing Prompt 24: How Do You Feel About Blogging Compared To When You First Started? #post40bloggers blogging


It was quite a long time ago
Lisa started this blog that you know
She shared her pictures and writing
And hoped that they were inviting

Stella featured often of course
Plus the odd tale of her divorce
She didn’t know if anyone read
Or was interested in what she said

‘Lisa’s Life’ was like a memory box
To look back on as time ticks and tocks
She used to write every day
But soon her spare time slipped away

Woof Wednesday is still every week
Plus photos each Sunday…don’t speak!
The words become poetry more
Though this may end up on the floor!

Now she gets asked for reviews
And sometimes there’s topical news
Blogging can be more work than play
There’s so much to keep up with each day

There really aren’t enough hours
No time to stop and smell flowers
Social networks: so frenzied and fast
Often leave her thinking “oh, blast!”

Bloggers more like journos it seems
With money the goal of their dreams
A few extra pennies are great
But not just for making clickbait

Over the years things have changed
Lisa’s online routine re-arranged
But with the changes come friends
So the changes are Godsends.

Prose for Thought

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