Room Rejuvenation with Red Candy

Room by room I’m gradually getting my house in order. Progress has slowed right down after the Summer but my new kitchen is still feeling so fresh, I love it. I’m pleased that my hallway was finished before I had to embark on a long regime of dental treatment but, though I can’t afford to get the big work done in bedroom, lounge and home office, I can give the spare room a freshening up.

The painter is booked for next week and I’ve been getting a few bits together to update the old beige look the previous owner left me with. Tempting as it is to always use purple as the accent colour, this time I’m opting for second favourite, teal.

The walls will be a pale duck egg blue: red candy creature comforts

The awesome folks at Red Candy heard I was redecorating and asked if I’d like to choose something from one of their new ranges…would I ever?!

Anyone that knows me knows I love my creature comforts so how brilliant was it to find that Red Candy are now stockists for a gorgeous range of cushions with this name? creature comforts cushions

You must agree that these Creature Comfort, erm, creatures, areย all absolutely gorgeous. Pretty perfect too at this time of year with a bit of an Autumnal look I feel.

Those of you with an eye for detail will have already spotted the little butterfly detail in each and every one which means that I’m going to want the whole collection by the time I’ve finished the house! Therefore, if any friends or family are reading this you know what I’d love for Christmas already! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think I chose very wisely for my current colour scheme though… creature comforts peacock creature comforts peacock

I think the throw was from a Groupon deal as I have a purple one too but don’t they go well together? I’m really pleased ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m really looking forward to getting the room ship shape and finishing it off with art and photo frames, one of which is this cute one that shall shortly be home to the latest snap of my gorgeous baby nephew ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s always so much to choose from at Red Candy I never get bored of browsing and, as time is whizzing by so fast, it will soon be time to pop over there for you-know-what present ideas!

What do you think to the new cushions? Should I collect them all?!

Tell me in the comments what creature comforts you like to make a room cosy? ๐Ÿ™‚


*cushion supplied by Red Candy; other items, opinions, and, colour choices are my own.ย 

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