Keep Calm – It’s Only A Competition

I mentioned last week that a box had arrived for Stella too late. I opened it and these are the contents: competition

So, what’s it all about?

Well, the good folks at Lintbells make a great range of pet supplements for all of our four-legged friends, doggies included. They wanted to introduce their newest item to the range, YuCalm, as an effective way to help reduce stress and support dogs to become more happy and playful…especially in firework season. I always say season, as, round here at least, the whizz bangs are going off pretty much every evening from Hallowe’en until the new year.

I found them pretty to look at but Stella was one of many pets that found fireworks just pretty loud and pretty upsetting.
Of course there are other culprits when it comes to distressed doggies.
It might be meeting strangers, or simply being alone; travelling, or being bored at home all day…whatever the reason, Lintbells want to keep all dogs healthy and happy and they believe that there are 5 essential elements for this. Here’s where the box above comes in!

Treats for dogs can provide extra vitamins and nutrients. A perfect reward.


Getting moving can be the highlight of a dog’s day…keep them running and jumping by playing with the ball launcher toy.


One of the best ways to bond with your dog. The bone toy should keep them entertained for hours.


A warm comfy blanket should ensure your dog sleeps well after exercise and play.

Reduce Stress

YuCalm Dog is a premium supplement for stressed or anxious dogs. The clever combination of scientifically proven ingredients makes a tail-wagging difference, by supporting natural calming pathways in the brain. What’s more, it’s all natural, so, you can use it every day to get more out of life together. yucalm

Obviously I can’t keep this lovely gift so one of your lovely pooches has a chance to make the most of these goodies.
To be in with a chance just tell me in the comments what your dog gets stressed about.
The Pick Giveaway Winner will make a random selection after the 30th November closing date and I’ll get this sent off in plenty of time for Christmas in case you want to save Santa Paws a job this year.
UK only I’m afraid but good luck xox
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  1. My 9 year old Welsh Springer hates fireworks but gets very stressed if he hears a gun shot (so much for him being a gun dog). In late summer I was out walking him along the river bank when there appeared to be shots in the distance. I looked round and he had disappeared. I found him cowering in the river and he hates water!!

  2. We have an old girl with dementia and meeting new people or dogs makes her very stressed. We simply don’t put her in situations that make her stressed anymore

  3. My rescue Nessa gets stressed at lots of different things. She was abused and attacked by dogs before we rescued her. She just needs a lot of reassurance and cuddles. She a million times better than when we first got her xx

  4. My dog gets stressed out with fireworks. Also, because I live in a rural area, she freaks out at the odd distant gunshot too. I give her rescue remedy and she normally curls up next to me on the sofa and shakes until it’s all over.

  5. I have a 10 year old springer spaniel and in the last year or so he has started suffering with separation anxiety. It started for no reason but he gets really stressed when ever he is left alone. We know this because neighbours have complained about him barking and we brought an indoor camera and can see and hear him getting distressed. Anything that would reduce his stress would be most welcome.

  6. Unexpected loud noises at night. I live next to a park and since the end of October, random people have been letting the odd firework off at midnight and even later. We can deal with them during the evening when we know they are coming but, at that time of night when it’s quiet, they thunder through the silence and my dog ends up a quivering wreck 🙁

  7. One of my dogs gets stressed about cars passing the house at night and about travelling in the car. Our adopted dog doesn’t get stressed about much, except maybe when his dinner is late!

  8. I have a 8 year old border collie and she gets stressed with the hoover I have to shut her outside if I’m hoovering as she shakes and barks and can’t keep still she doesn’t even like it when it’s not switched on. Fireworks she loves she likes to watch them

  9. I have 3 rescue dogs that all have stress related problems, Barney my collie cross get stressed with bangs whether fireworks, cars backfiring and thunder, he runs around barking and panting and is completely stressed.
    Talia is 6 and is so scared of fireworks and thunder, the minute she hears a bang she is shaking and trying to hide in the most silly places, she is terrified.
    Amber get stressed being left at home if we go out, even though she has the other 2 dogs she is so attached to me she stresses out and chews her claws right down.

  10. Ours gets stressed at traffic noise. She wont go for walks anywhere near a road, she just cowers and shakes, so we have to drive her to the park!

  11. My keira gets stressed about loud noises, dogs that growl at her or the smoke alarm (really have to watch not burning the toast or she hides behind the sofa!)

  12. I have two little Romanian rescue dogs and they get stressed out with the fireworks and also when I go to put the leads over their heads as I think it reminds them of the dog catchers.

  13. Our Lab Barley is a rescue who has an unknown, but probably, unpleasant past. He is an amazing boy but gets concerned and anxious if he is unsure or thinks he’s done something wrong…in time we hope he’ll realise life is always going to be good!

  14. As you know, Millie Mabel is a rescue and is scared of humans. She’s worked so hard with me for the past two year I think she deserves a treat!
    She’s also scared of sudden movements, loud noises and some dogs x

  15. My dog gets stressed very easily. She is a rescue dog and suffers from terrible anxiety 🙁 she hates loud noises, including fireworks and the Hoover and also becomes stressed when she sees things like sticks and brooms.

  16. My labrador gets stressed about going in the car. I have no idea why as we only go in the car when we’re going to the park, but she cries all the way.

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