Choosing The Right Movie

It’s happened to all of us at some point or the other! We’ve been bored to death at the movie theatre, with uncountable yawns, waiting for the movie to end as soon as possible. Once, I even saw someone pull out their phone during the movie to sneakily play online bingo, because they were so bored! At least it was on silent!

If you randomly go off to watch a certain movie without knowing anything about it can probably ruin the whole experience, as it can be too much of a surprise.

So always ensure you are doing a little bit of research of the movie you about to watch before you actually go off to watch it, so that you can get a better picture of whether you will like it or not. Watch a few promos and trailers. However relying entirely on how a trailer looks like will only give you half the picture. The movie might end up being completely different.

Check out online review and ratings of the movie to get a good insight about the movie. The internet is the best source for all the information that you may need regarding any movie.

If you are going to watch a movie with a companion- be it your date or a friend, you need to bear in mind his/ her interests as well. Because if the person accompanying you is bored, that will ruin your experience too.

Pick out a genre of movie that both of you will enjoy and choose a theatre ensuring it’s audio and video quality. Also make sure that the crowd coming in is decent enough and not making noise inside while the show is on. Enjoy your film while munching onto your bucket of cheese popcorn.



One film I’d love to see after Christmas is ‘Why Him?’ Probably not aimed at my age group but, having just introduced the lovely boyfriend to my parents, seems funnily appropriate! He’d probably rather be playing bingo!

How much do you research what you want to see at the cinema?


*collaborative post