Wicken Fen

Walking Off The Christmas Calories

Losing your best friend and falling in love mean trivial things like looking after yourself fall by the wayside. After doing so brilliantly over the last 12 months I was determined not to let not being able to say no to a mince pie totally ruin my figure!

The lovely boyfriend has recently undergone quite invasive treatment for prostate cancer so hasn’t exactly felt like exerting himself too much either, but, he is allowed gentle walks so we went off to Wicken Fen between Christmas & New Year to blow away the Christmas cobwebs and hopefully the excess of calorific chocolate!

The weather was cold but fine and, though I can’t deny it was very weird holding a hand instead of Stella’s lead, a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

So lovely that we did it 2 days in a row!

Here’s a few photos from those two days 🙂 Wicken Fen Wicken Fen Wicken fen Wicken Fen Wicken Fen wicken fen weds

Several dog walkers were out and about but I resisted the urge to photograph them all! The cute little chap you see above was waiting for his owners on the amusingly-named Cock-Up Bridge.

The gorgeous Konik ponies were not too far from sight but alas too far for close-up snaps.

The light was beautiful beneath the afternoon’s setting sun…wasn’t a hard decision to head back the next day… wicken fen wicken fen wicken fen wicken fen wicken fen wicken fen thurs

On this occasion we followed a walk that Stella and I did earlier this year which was around 8km. The light was lovely again, and, because we knew we’d be out a little longer, we packed a flask of coffee for company while we admired the wide Fenland views 🙂

Did you get out much between the holidays?

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