Walking 1000 Miles In The Woods

I may not manage it exactly but I have seen #1000milechallenge bandied about on social media and I think it’s definitely achievable this year. The point is to walk lots outdoors, but, with no canine companion in 2017 (yet?!) I may have to include a few treadmill miles too.

I did manage lots of lovely steps on Sunday with the lovely boyfriend though. Having said that, we didn’t exactly do the recommended healthy eating alongside…started the day with a MaccyD’s breakfast!

Brandon Country Park has long since been a favourite location of mine. Many happy memories came flooding back of walks and geocaching here with darling Stella. 

We covered several miles doing both the purple and red walks marked out around the park and also had a little wander around the walled garden although there’s not much to see at this time of year. We  also had a pitstop between walks with a very welcome hot chocolate in the cafe  🙂

The big girl’s camera came too though the light wasn’t great I’m afraid and the resident deer stayed very elusive. Brandon Country Park Brandon Country Park

Because the ground is more sandy than muddy we probably didn’t need wellies but we had a great trudge around and I managed to have a chat to a couple of Labradors as well as getting a good tree fix 🙂 Brandon Country Park Brandon Country Park

The weather stayed dry and after a good walk we didn’t even notice the cold, just the lovely surroundings. Brandon Country Park Brandon Country Park Brandon Country Park

Delighted to see lots of squirrels scampering around and up and down all the trees. One was kind enough to pose 🙂


I’m not calling this a new year’s resolution by any means, just want to get out and about in the fresh air and maintain the brilliant weight loss I achieved last year.

Anyone else doing the 1000 mile challenge this year?


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