Icons Of The 80s

Back To The 80s in Southend

Last week, the lovely boyfriend and I had a brilliant night out down in Southend-On-Sea. It was a long drive so we booked a budget hotel as well as a day off work each so that we could see the sea in daylight the next day too.

The first night we met he had told me that he was a fan of 80s music though maybe not to the extent that I am, it was the perfect excuse to book tickets to this show.

Go West and Nik Kershaw had brought their show to Cambridge but I was still under the spell of vestibular migraines and couldn’t go so it was really brilliant that the tour was extended. Especially so now that I have a partner to come along too.

You may remember I’ve written about the live musical talents of these artists before so it was a treat to see them on stage again ๐Ÿ™‚

My poor old camera struggled a little so I didn’t get as many good photos as I’d have liked, but, it turns out the photo-taking isn’t as important when you’re making happy memories with a loved one! #iconsofthe80s Carol Decker
Carol Decker of T’pau belted her songs out well but was nursing a broken arm! #iconsofthe80s Go West and Nik Kershaw
I loved my 2 favourite 80s artists performing together on stage! Peter Cox Go West
Can never get enough of Peter Cox and his awesome vocals! Nik Kershaw


A highlight of these recent 80s tours is Go West and Nik Kershaw performing hits by other bands as part of their set. As I’ve mentioned, my camera was playing silly bu&&ers so I got very poor recordings. However, I’ve scoured YouTube so can see just how good they were ๐Ÿ™‚

The version of Wings is recorded by my friend Julie who was also at the Southend gig, and, I found a version of Sex On Fire that was actually recorded at Southend by someone with a more reliable camera than me!

It was also pretty cool when the guys backed each other on their own songs ๐Ÿ™‚


One last highlight…some of you may not know that Nik wrote the Chesney Hawkes’ hit from the ‘Buddy’s Song’ movie back in 1991…I already loved seeing him perform it but with Peter Cox on vocals too…marvellous!

Fantastic Line-Up!
Fantastic Line-Up!

I wasn’t sure I’d get away with it but I was even allowed to hang around the stage door afterwards for a couple of photos and autographs! nik nik peter peter cox

We headed back to the hotel in the freezing cold but with a day of sea air to look forward to and no work to worry about it was a very enjoyable night out indeed. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you seenย any of your teenage heartthrobs lately?