Valentine's day 2017

Forget Valentine’s Day

Regular readers will know that since I started this blog I haven’t celebrated on the 14th February. You may also realise that this year I will be.

However, my social media feeds won’t be full of slushy gushing romantic claptrap because I know only too well how painful it can be seeing all that stuff when you have no significant other in your life.

Thank goodness I have though, as, without darling Stella, I may have filled the house with stray puppies by now instead of getting out and seeing some life!

No flash bang wallops or fireworks here though. A restaurant has been booked for tomorrow night as Tuesdays are contact days with the children. In other words, the lovely boyfriend will be seeing his ex-wife before me on Valentine’s Day!

All part of dating over 40 I believe.

Anyway…a fun piece of news arrived in the blog inbox recently, titled  ‘Clueless Men Struggle To Remember Everyday Details About Their Partner’. I was informed that members of the opposite sex are, apparently pretty hopeless about what size we are, what our favourite colour is, or what our natural hair shade is. I don’t know about you but I like to keep 2 of those 3 under wraps anyway!

As for favourite colour, it took him about 2 minutes to get that sussed out but maybe purple isn’t the most subtle choice I could have made 🙂

Admittedly, in the grand scheme of things, at 6 months, we haven’t been together that long. But, also in the grand scheme of things, do those facts really matter? As long as he doesn’t call me the wrong name at an inappropriate moment we’ll muddle along fairly well I think.

To be perfectly honest, my memory skills aren’t that great and if put under pressure, I may well get his eye colour wrong…I really don’t see it causing a row between us, especially as on any given day my own eyes vary from blue to grey to anything pale in between.

However, according to research commissioned by the florists Bloom and Wild, such lacking in knowledge could spell disaster!

“It seems many men struggle to remember everyday details about their own partner.

“Things you should notice every day such as how they take their tea or coffee or even their eye colour seem to leave many men stumped…

… If you don’t know their favourite things, such as flowers or colours, you could end up making the wrong decision, undoing any good effect the surprise a gift may have.” bouquet

The study, of 2,000 men who are in a relationship, carried out by, found 92 per cent reckon they know ‘almost everything’ or ‘quite a lot’ about their ‘partner’.

But, the results show that almost one in ten men would struggle to say what colour eyes the partner has, without looking.

Four in ten have no idea what their other half’s favourite colour is while a third couldn’t tell you what their job title is.

Almost half are stumped when it comes to their wife or girlfriend’s bra size, with one in five also admitting they don’t know what clothes size they wear.

But this has led to 17 per cent buying clothes or underwear in the wrong size, with four in ten of those admitting this led to rows.

Their partner’s place of birth (14%), whether or not they have any allergies (8%) and the names of their best friends also leaves many men floundering.

More than one in three guys even admitted they couldn’t say when they and their partner first got together and another 17 per cent wouldn’t be able to recall the location of the first date.

One in twenty even owned up to not knowing the date of their wedding anniversary.

The study also found four in ten men have no idea what their partner’s favourite flowers are, with 12 per cent buying the wrong flowers as a result.


I know for a fact I told my other half that tulips were my favourite, but, if he’s lovely enough to buy me flowers in the first place, I certainly don’t tell him off! Life’s too short to let some things get under your skin.

Forgetting to replace the loo roll though? Unforgivable!

How absent-minded is your other half?


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