Hazlenut & Almond Brownie

Simply Scrumptious

I promised not to go overboard with gushing about how this year’s Valentine’s Day was my best ever. However, this brownie recipe is just too good not to share! Valentines Brownie

I found the original deliciousness at the Only Deco Love blog though I didn’t really believe that the 3 ingredient recipe would work…especially as I was going to be substituting flour with my ground almond alternative.

I used:

A 400g jar of supermarket ‘Nutella’

2 whole eggs

105g of ground almonds (70g of flour if you’re not wheat free)

After a good old mix (thank goodness for electric whisks, I’ve had a trapped nerve in my right arm for 2 weeks which is showing little sign of healing any time soon) the chocolate nutty goo was transferred to an 18cm round tin and baked for half an hour at 175Âșc.

I also added in some dark chocolate drops in a heart shape because I’m a romantic girl and was very pleased indeed when the emerging finished article came out brilliantly. brownie

The lovely boyfriend found it a bit too sweet and nutty to have as large a slice as I managed but I found it fantastic.

It must be the added nuttiness of the almonds that reduced his portion size as sweet is never usually a problem. This is the man that adds sugar to hot chocolate!

He’s had “just a sliver” on subsequent occasions so all in all a success I’d say.

I’d like to think this is me getting my baking mojo back but time will tell!

Have you made any sweet treats recently?