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I was recently asked if I’d like to take a trip to The Children’s Society charity shop. As they have not one but two branches near to where I work it would have been silly to say no!

I’ve written about The Children’s Society charity before but they may be a new name to some of you. The Children's Society

Some of you know that I already volunteer in the charity shop in my home village. I do love a rummage for a bargain at the best of times! Having the perfect excuse to take my charity shopping seriously; would I be disappointed with my haul? In a word, no 🙂 the children's society the children's society

More about The Children’s Society:

Before I share my finds, I’ll share the background of the charity for those of you that are still unfamiliar.

The Children’s Society helps change children’s stories, working towards a country where all children are free from disadvantage.

We’ve been trusted for over a century to drive change locally and nationally and provide support where it’s needed most. We base this vital work on the experiences of every child we help and the solid evidence we gather.

Every year, we work directly with more and more of the most disadvantaged children. We do this through our extensive network of frontline services, supported by an army of volunteers. Together, we tackle child poverty and neglect head on, from helping families trapped in debt, child runaways and young carers, to stopping child sexual exploitation.

We are brave in our actions: uncovering desperate situations, exposing injustice and addressing hard truths to improve children’s lives. Through our ambitious campaigns and determination to put children at the centre, we challenge misconceptions, change attitudes and influence government policy.

Since the day we were founded by Sunday school teacher Edward Rudolf, we’ve been at the forefront of pioneering change for children. We opened the UK’s first residential children’s care home and first safe house for runaways. We were instrumental in securing free school meals for all infant school children living in poverty.

Today, as always, we are ambitious for all children. We are determined, through our campaigning, commitment and care, to give every child the greatest possible chance in life.* the children's society the children's society

How Did I Get On?

I already try and do my bit for The Children’s Society shops by donating goods and buying bits and pieces there. Walking past them every work day I can hardly pretend to be unaware of their existence. I may not have children of my own, but, there are youngsters whose safety and care is of the utmost importance to me.

My new partner has 2 children and, in the very same town as these 2 charity shops, my favourite boy is growing up too. The first things I spotted when I walked into the, what I call, ‘toys & boys’ branch of The Children’s Society were crying out to be bought for my nearly-two-years-old nephew! the children's society the children's society




New books and toys are just so very expensive considering the rate at which little people grow and learn. I love that I can treat my favourite boy (notice we say treat, not, spoil?!) as often as I like without breaking the bank. I got extra special auntie points for the tractor book too!

Speaking of books…I also found a couple of corkers for my word nerd collection. Very pleased 🙂 the children's society

I managed to somehow resist bringing home yet more artwork I have no wall space for. But, I did get a frock and a new top for me plus a jumper for him indoors. All for under £20. Of course there will always be certain people that shudder at the thought of wearing something ‘pre-loved’. However, speaking as someone who had to replace almost her entire wardrobe with illness-related weight losses and gains over the last 12 months, I just couldn’t have afforded to do it any other way. Thank goodness for charity shops I say! They did good for me, and, my donations and purchases do good for their causes. Win win wouldn’t you say? the children's society

Please consider visiting The Children’s Society. Maybe there’s a shop near you that would love to take a few donations. Maybe you could spare a few hours for volunteering or fundraising.

Our children’s futures could be brighter. Let’s help make it happen.

 It is a painful fact that many children and young people in Britain today are still suffering extreme hardship, abuse and neglect. Too often their problems are ignored and their voices unheard. Now it is time to listen and to act.

The Children’s Society is a national charity that runs local services, helping children and young people when they are at their most vulnerable, and have nowhere left to turn.

We also campaign for changes to laws affecting children and young people, to stop the mistakes of the past being repeated in the future.

Our supporters around the country fund our services and join our campaigns to show children and young people they are on their side.*


Thank you for reading.

*Some content provided by The Children’s Society.


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