Linton Zoo

Let’s Go To Linton Zoo

As you may have seen from recent Instagrams and my Sunday photo, last weekend involved a trip to Linton Zoo.

The lovely boyfriend has two children and a couple of weeks ago we had our first group outing.

That first meeting with them involved a fantastic visit to the cinema. Eating sweets and watching the Lego Batman movie (brilliant for kids of all ages, and a much faster-moving plotline than ‘Manchester By The Sea, which I saw with Meetup friends last week!) was such good fun followed by pizza. Last week we decided on the zoo. Linton Zoo

Linton Zoo is actually ridiculously close to where I work. Why have I never managed to make the time to visit before now?! Linton Zoo

The zoo isn’t open full time yet but, even with inclement weather, there is still a lot to see. Linton Zoo

Trying to find somewhere appealing to both a young girl and a teenage boy can be a challenge. Compromises are possible though and we all had a great couple of hours discovering the animals and birds. Linton Zoo

Several lifelike but not alive exhibits dotted are around the place too… irresistible for selfies and family photos! For some reason the lovely boyfriend doesn’t want me posting the hilarious shot of him with his head in the mouth of a ‘crocodile’…spoilsport! Linton Zoo

Very hard to choose our favourite animal…it’s a very close run thing between zebras and lions! Linton Zoo

It’s always a nuisance trying to photograph through the bars of the animal cages, but, safety first and all that! Linton Zoo Linton Zoo

All being well though I have a photography day next month at Howletts that I won with this blog so I should learn lots of animal capturing tricks with the proper camera.

I say all being well as the trapped nerve/golfer’s elbow issue with my right arm is still being very troublesome. The drive down there could be painful let alone carrying around a Nikon and lenses all day.

Really looking forward to it though so I hope I’ll be fit enough.

Back to Linton and considering that we’re in a tiny Cambridgeshire village, there’s plenty of creatures both great and small to see. Linton Zoo Linton Zoo Linton Zoo

The poorer picture quality is due to my unimpressive little compact camera. However, I’ve a feeling we’ll probably be going back in the Summer holidays.

Happy kids; happy Dad; happy girlfriend 🙂


Do you like zoo visits?

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