Ely cathedral

Forgotten Photos: Ely Cathedral

Before I met the lovely boyfriend I occasionally met a gentleman friend early on a Sunday morning for coffee.

After one such meeting last Summer I stayed in town and wandered over to the cathedral with the camera. It’s a place I never tire of and, of course, I’ve photographed it many times before, and since. Ely Cathedral

That could be why that the entire morning’s photography remained unedited in a folder on my laptop until last week. Ely Cathedral

I knew I’d got very behind with my work in Lightroom once I had more of a social life. The situation worsened still after losing Stella as I had no enthusiasm for doing much either. Ely cathedral

Some of these views you may be familiar with; some you may not. These images brought back nice memories of that morning as I ran into a group of chaps from an Essex photography club and had a lovely long chat. Ely cathedral

I probably dashed back to Stella for a walk before the day got too hot and chose one photograph for my Blipfoto entry before spending quality time with her for the rest of Sunday. Maybe we managed a geocaching outing in the afternoon? I can’t honestly remember! Ely cathedral

I do know I’m pleased I rediscovered these 120 shots (don’t worry, I’m only sharing a few!) as there’s a couple of lovely ones amongst them 🙂 Ely cathedral

The light was lovely and the sky was blue but I had to get some interior shots too…always need a stained glass window fix if I can get one! Ely cathedral

I always get a sense of awe the moment I step through the door. Believer or non, I defy anyone to feel differently. Ely cathedral Ely cathedral Ely cathedral Ely Cathedral Ely cathedral

It doesn’t seem so long ago that I dare not have looked up to admire the stunning detail of the octagon. I’m so chuffed at being able to to do so now!

There are some amazing statues and other artworks throughout the building too 🙂 Ely cathedral Ely cathedral

Such a beautiful environment to spend some quality time in… Ely robin

…walking back to the car proved to be beautiful too 🙂

Ely cathedral continues to be one of my happy places. Do you have a favourite place to visit time and time again?


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