Welcome To Wells

Welcome To Wells

Every other weekend, the lovely boyfriend has custody of his children. On our weekends alone we like to spend a day out walking or just enjoying a little spare time. This week I chose to re-visit Wells-Next-The-Sea. It’s been many years since I was last there but it’s a lovely part of the Norfolk coast.

Himself has developed a habit of craving a McDonalds bagel breakfast every other Sunday morning so this tends to be where we start our Sundays now! I have the sausage with syrup pancakes which is a surprisingly tasty combination of sweet and savoury. Coffee for him, hot chocolate for me (until UK MaccyDs catch on to soya milk!) Welcome To Wells

The drive to the coast was nice and I’d earmarked the biggest car park at the Beach Cafe as I had a feeling the seaside would be busy as it was such a lovely day. Perfect to grab a drink and the loo before the mile long walk to the town too. Welcome To Wells Welcome To Wells

A little bittersweet moment as I knew of the Beach Cafe already; it was on Stella’s to-do list last year before she got too poorly. The sign made me giggle though and I did my very best to behave like a naughty unattended child…alas no puppy arrived!

Before going into Wells town we headed onto the beach so I could get a proper look at the sea. Brilliantly dog-friendly and more bittersweet moments. Welcome To Wells Wells missing Stella 02 April 2017

I absolutely love the beach huts here but will need to go back at a quieter time to get better photos. Got a few nice ones I think though 🙂 Welcome To Wells Welcome To Wells Welcome To Wells

One last little walk along the seashore before heading to the quayside. Welcome To Wells Welcome To Wells

The walk was a little blustery but very warm and a most pleasant way to tot up a couple of thousand steps on the Fitbit. Welcome To Wells Welcome To Wells Welcome To Wells

We visited a lovely little art gallery while we were there. I bought a couple of super seaside cards to frame for my kitchen gallery wall. After lunch we found a local cider place too and couldn’t resist the bringing home some bargains. The lovely boyfriend did a splendid job of carrying it all back along that long walk back to the car park, bless him.

I didn’t think we’d been wandering around Wells for that long but there was quite a difference in the tide on the walk back. Welcome To Wells Welcome To Wells Welcome To Wells

After putting the cider in the car we popped into the Beach Cafe for another beverage. Then we returned to the beach through the woods.

The photo below is by no means good but it does illustrate quite why I love this part of the coast. Tree fix and sea fix in one fell swoop. Win win 🙂 Welcome To Wells

It was at this point I realised that the camera was in my coat pocket back at the car. So, the last few beach hut snaps are courtesy of the iphone, but, not too bad. Welcome To Wells Welcome To Wells Welcome To Wells

The other half had never visited Wells-Next-The-Sea before. I’ve a feeling we’ll be back during the Summer both with and without the kids. He thinks I’ll have caved and brought home another dog by then too but I’m trying to resist. Stella seems somehow irreplaceable but we’ll see.

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