the prompt whisper

The Prompt: Whisper


His whisper of “I love you,”
Is the very best thing to hear.
One of many reasons,
I hold him so very dear.

Walking hand in hand,
On strolls both short and long.
The wind whispers around us,
Part of Mother Nature’s song.

Whisper to me a secret,
I swear I’ll never tell.
True friends are hard to come by,
We should treat them well.

Lullabies and stories,
Soothe a restless young boy’s angst.
“Sweet dreams,” I whisper softly,
As tiny fingers grip my hands,

There’s not a whisper of hate,
In these love-filled times.
How lucky am I,
To have these love-filled rhymes?!



Prose for Thought

Featured photo credit: Rob Slaven. Trip to the Indianapolis Museum of Art – 7-20-2013 via photopin (license)

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