Revisiting The Raptor Foundation

Last Easter I visited The Raptor Foundation with the Ely Friends Meetup group and thoroughly enjoyed it. So, when the opportunity came up for a return visit I jumped at the chance. The Raptor Foundation

The Raptor Foundation is situated near St Ives in Cambridgeshire and the charity was started in 1989. Via name changes and expansion, The Raptor Foundation has been at its current location since 1996. The Raptor Foundation

As well as birds of prey, the site is now home to a reptile collection and a group of meerkats. I didn’t pop into the reptile house as I heard a rumour that there is a resident that this severe arachnaphobe wouldn’t be happy to see! I did however, of course, spend some time being amused by Snap, Crackle, and Pop, the three lady meerkats 🙂 The Raptor Foundation

Once again it was lovely to see all the beautiful birds up close. They may be there due to unfortunate circumstances but they’re all loved and looked after excellently. The Raptor Foundation The Raptor Foundation The Raptor Foundation The Raptor Foundation

We all enjoyed the flying displays too. The staff and volunteers do a great job with the birds and each event is both entertaining and interesting. The Raptor Foundation The Raptor Foundation The Raptor Foundation The Raptor Foundation

The birds don’t always ‘perform’ exactly as directed and it was quite amusing to spot a robin perching bravely during proceedings! The Raptor Foundation

The Bateleur Eagle called Captain was the least cooperative but her handler absolutely adores her and is very forgiving. The Raptor Foundation The Raptor Foundation The Raptor The Raptor Foundation

We all really loved the owls too, especially the tiny White-Faced Scops and Barn Owls 🙂 Raptor Foundation Raptor Foundation Raptor Foundation Raptor Foundation Raptor Foundation Raptor Foundation

Lunchtime came after the flying display and most of us took up some tables in the lovely Silent Wings tea room on site.

A brilliant day.

Still on the subject of our feathered-friends…I shared a quiz on Facebook the other day which may be of interest…

Do You Know Your Pigeons From Your Pheasants?


In partnership with the RSPB’s Wild Challenge, the quiz caught my eye as it’s fronted by The TwirlyWoos. Not my usual viewing you understand, but, having a now 2-year-old nephew (how is he growing so fast?!) I recognised the characters straight away!



A spokesman for Twirlywoos said: “The UK has around 250 different species of birds so it is understandable people struggle when it comes to their bird knowledge.

“However you don’t need to know all there is to know about birds in order to appreciate all that’s great about them.

“The UK has some great locations for seeing some amazing birds and other wildlife too so it’s well worth spending some time together as a family  to see what’s out there.”

Do you enjoy bird-watching?

Have you got a favourite?



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  1. I love raptors and we see buzzards every day as well as several owl species and kestrels on a regular basis. In fact we are totally blessed with wild birds here and it would be hard to pick a favourite. Maybe goldfinches or the rare sightings we get of migrant hoopoes (2 to date in 10 years!) Or our magnificent black storks? Definitely too many to choose from!

    Thank you for adding your beautiful photos to #AnimalTales (but I have to admit having passed the toddler stage and having no 2 year old nephews I didn’t try the quiz!)

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