Africa Alive

An Afternoon At Africa Alive

As I mentioned a few days ago, Africa Alive was just a short car ride away from the holiday home we stayed at during the Easter holidays. Of course I took the big girl’s camera along and so I thought I’d share a few snaps. Africa Alive

Several photos I took have the lovely boyfriend’s kids in, therefore, I won’t be sharing those to protect their privacy but they had a brilliant time too 🙂 Africa Alive

Lots to see and a great variety of animals here which is a sister park with Banham Zoo in Norfolk which I’m familiar with as I’ve been going there from a young age. Africa Alive

We probably could have filled a day here as I think a ride on the safari train would have been great as would the Landrover trip around the giraffes and zebras. Africa Alive

All the residents of the park looked well cared for and we managed to catch a couple of keeper talks. One was with the cheetah and the lovely boyfriend’s daughter brought home a pawprint cast; a great souvenir. Africa Alive

As usual at these places, fun creatures to see were the lemurs…always cute and always fun to watch 🙂 Africa Alive Africa Alive

Like a lot of you I love the zebras and giraffes. So, I did my best to get a couple of photos without the nuisance of wires in the shot. Health & safety eh?! Africa Alive Africa Alive

Last, but definitely not least, the meerkats. Never a disappointment, but, on this occasion, an extreme delight. Lots of baby meerkats to see which was a first for me. So ridiculously cute! Africa Alive Africa Alive Africa Alive Africa Alive

I highly recommend a visit to Africa Alive if you’re in the area. There’s lots to see plus good places to eat and a well-stocked gift shop too. We all loved it 🙂 Africa Alive