Woof Wednesday

Woof Wednesday: Happy Puppies

This morning I shared a brilliantly heartwarming video on Facebook. An American rescue charity took in a lovely stray girl only for her to keep escaping. Why would a dog want to get away from her rescuers? She had puppies left in a barn and had to keep finding her way back to them for feeding!

The charity let her lead them to where she was going and, after finding several pups under the barn floorboards, took them all home. I do love a happy ending.

Keeping the focus on puppies after my ‘How To…’ post last Friday, I searched out another couple of good news stories to share with you.

I still get subscription e-mails from Swapaw and IHeartDogs and both still inspire and amuse and teach me while I take my decision-making journey since losing Stella.

Swapaw carried the story of Daisy. Woof Wednesday

Daisy’s a two-year-old Pyrenees/Border Collie cross that tragically lost her puppies in a farm fire earlier this year.

Daisy was devastated and stopped eating causing more concern for her owners who set about trying to find some foster puppies, or even kittens, for their darling dog to nurture.

Meanwhile, a Border Collie mummy lost her life during surgery to save two of her unborn puppies. The owner was exhausted from keeping all the puppies going with round the clock feeding but her daughter saw Daisy’s story and thought they may be a match. How wonderful that they were.

Over at I Heart Dogs, there’s a fun list of 15 of the best puppy names. Funnily enough, Daisy is in there at #9 🙂

At the top in the UK is Benjamin and I have met several Bens and Benjis on many dog walks over the years. Woof Wednesday
Are any of the names in your faithful friend’s family tree?


*Featured image photo credit: Mary Anne Morgan MAM_0600 via photopin (license)