wild about animals

Wild About Animals

Wild About Animals

I’m wild about the animals,
Be they big or small.
Tails or tusks or talons,
I want to hug them all. Black Rhino

Two rhinos came to see me,
It was their breakfast time,
Honoured in their presence,
While they munched on hay, sublime. Barbary Lion

Feeding time for lions,
Their diet is more meat,
Sometimes they go fishing,
To retrieve their treat. Siberian Tiger

I met a big cat beauty,
She was called Arina,
So fluffy and fun-loving,
You really should’ve seen her. Western Lowlands Gorilla

Next were the gorillas,
Not unlike you or me,
Silverbacks to babies,
A real sense of family. Javan Langurs

At one with the langurs,
And their salad snacks,
Running, playing, jumping,
On each others’ backs. Blackbuck

A ride around the deer park,
With Bambi and his friends,
Graceful and so handsome,
I wish the day’d not end. Crowned Lemur

Last, not least, the lemurs,
Good grief they are such fun,
Really got up close here,
And fed them one by one.

A big thank you to Howletts,
For this photographic day,
Will be back to see you,
And the animals at play!


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