Looking After The Pennies

Life is still moving on for me, and, while I’ve saved a considerable amount of money without the need for pet insurance and food and toys, I now have the added expense of having a boy hanging around the place a lot! I’d forgotten how much food they eat and how much coffee they drink and how much loo roll they use and how much time they spend in the shower!

These means I’m noticing a rise in household bills and looking to economise a little.

Don’t get me wrong, himself does contribute financially a little when he can, but, life has dealt him a series of unfortunate blows. My income is lower than his, but I do have savings I can dip into if I need to.

Keeping an eye on outgoings is increasingly important. None of us are getting any younger and none of us really know how budgets and other political ramifications will affect us in real time.

Therefore, with a General Election imminent, it seemed prudent to revisit some money-saving ideas.

Most of the ten mentioned below we already know, but, most we forget about too. Time is precious and it’s very easy to take the quick and easy option rather than the value-for-money one.

Having said that, has anyone noticed how much cheaper it is to buy a ready meal than buy ingredients? I want to cook nice meals from the scratch for the lovely boyfriend but it so economic to buy something already prepared.

Fresh fruit provides quick and healthy desserts in this warmer weather though so there’s more time for pampering at least…We haven’t been together a year yet so I still have to make quite an effort!

Anyway, I digress…

In a study by Powershop UK, it was found that seven in ten people are trying to budget and save spare cash.

According to David Winter, head of the electricity company is quoted: ““As the cost of living rises it’s encouraging that more of us are budgeting and  increasingly looking at ways of understanding our outgoings to save money on bills and to spend on the things we actually like.”

People are adopting a string of money-saving tasks around the house to lower their bills and monthly spend.

Two thirds of us always turn the light off when leaving a room, while 54 per cent always shop around for insurance.

A further five in 10 people make sure the windows are shut if the heating is on, and the same percentage regularly check their direct debits to ensure they are correct and current.

A quarter of those polled have installed a water meter to monitor usage, 42 per cent never leave the TV on standby and 43 per cent keep a record of all payments.

Himself will confirm that I’m a terror for leaving lights on but then he’s not au fait on looking around for good deals on insurance etc. We’re both easily tempted in the aisles though so I’m planning to go back to online grocery shopping.

Have a look at these ideas even if you are already looking after the pennies so that the pounds look after themselves 🙂


1. Turn off the lights when you leave the room

2. Shop around for insurance

3. Shut the windows if the heating is on

4. Check direct debits to make sure they’re current and correct

5. Keep a record of payments

6. Shower instead of bath

7. Only boil enough water to drink

8. Don’t leave the TV on standby

9. Put on a jumper instead of turning the heating on

10. Make shopping lists and stick to them

Blue And Pink Piggy Banks,

Were you encouraged from a young age to save money?

In these austere times, are you able to put anything by for a rainy day?


*Featured photo credit: kenteegardin Blue And Pink Piggy Banks via photopin (license)
**some info thanks to SWNS Digital