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Best Friends Forever?

Scanning my Facebook feed each morning often throws up at least one item from the brilliant Bored Panda site.

Recently it was this one of ‘then and now’ friendship photos. best friends forever bored panda blokes

While I loved the smiles that came through in these amazing long-lasting bonds, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad about my own lack of a circle of a friends.

One thing that struck me though…the majority of those sharing were blokes. I always had the feeling that groups of male friends had more enduring friendships than girls and this seemed to confirm that.

I then read a news story claiming that on average we stay friends with 5 people we met in primary school. As if I didn’t feel below average already! I’m only in touch with a couple.

‘A fifth admit their relationship with their childhood friends is now limited to Facebook and other social media.’ 

Facebook has a lot of negatives to answer for but this is definitely a positive in my opinion. It’s so easy to move away from where you grow up and people are so busy with work and family. Social media can be a Godsend for keeping in touch. It’s quick and easy, less time-consuming than a letter or a phone call, and, accessible to most.

I loved primary school and I think if I’d gone to the same senior school as those kids I was closest too that I’d have had better friendships growing up. Like many people I was bullied at big school. Ever since I’ve found it difficult to form long-lasting trusting friendships with other girls.

‘While 15 per cent of Brits said they didn’t have a best pal during their years as a child and one in 10 people had an imaginary friend when they were younger.’

I’m quite relieved that this statistic is as high as 15% as I’d always felt it was just me! I had little groups of friends but never that one stand-out person that was always there for me.

I had an imaginary horse rather than a human friend. This could partly explain why I’ve always loved animals more than people!




Featured photo credit: CJS64 Catching up ! via photopin (license)

*some content sourced from Bored Panda and SWNS Digital

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