Slicing Out Sugar With Slissie

My name’s Lisa and I’m a sugarholic.

Always have been. The weight loss and fitness I’ve been so proud of have absolutely nothing to do with cutting out chocolate. I just eat less and move more.

Having said that, since I met the lovely boyfriend, a few pounds have crept back on and are proving difficult to shift. He’s a serial snacker too and though we’ve both vowed to stay fit and healthy, we both severely lack in the willpower department!

The good people at Slissie said they could help cut my sweet cravings and get me on top of my snacking habit. I had to let them try. Slissie

What is Slissie?

It’s a rechargeable appetite-suppressant device.

Apparently it takes 21 days to break a habit so that’s how long I’ve been using the Slissie for. Slissie

When it arrived in it’s pretty little box, I compared it to a big fancy lipstick as it’s a super sleek design. It was easy to set up and start using but I knew the real test would come on its first Monday morning.

The office is where my snacking gets out of control when I’m bored at my desk. I had swapped the jaffa cakes and chocolate bars for dried fruit in an effort to make my habit at least a little healthier. I hadn’t taken into account the high sugar content, albeit natural sugar, and got a stern talking to from my dentist!

Slissie was invented by Liz Casely:

“I love life and always try to live it to the full, I also love feeling good in my clothes even when I don’t want to dedicate myself to losing weight.”

“I invented Slissie to empower women, like me, to take control of how they feel and what they eat without having to constantly diet.”

“I first started using my Slissie prototype with the popular 5:2 diet. In two weeks, I had lost 9lbs and it really wasn’t as hard as dieting had been previously. The most amazing thing was that with Slissie I was able to stay 9lb lighter even after the diet stopped.”

“I realised that Slissie was helping me cut out snacking altogether and that because 1lb of fat equals 3,500 calories, I only had to cut out 500 snack calories a day to lose 1lb a week!”

By cutting my bad snacking habits, my clothes always fit well and I have lots of room left to enjoy special treats whenever I want to. So use Slissie to curb your cravings anytime you fancy eating something you know you shouldn’t. You’ll find it easy to stick to a healthy eating plan, cut the biscuits or simply have one piece of chocolate instead of two.”

The science bit. Slissie Slissie Slissie

21 days in and my work habit is improved. So much so that this Monday by the time the sugar cravings came it was almost midday. I was able to use the Slissie and then have my lunch without needing the chocolate fix. Go me!

I have to be honest and say that isn’t the case every day yet, but, I’m hopeful.

Maybe 21 days was too much after 40+ years of bad habits? However, I’m definitely on the right track. I’ve just ordered a refill kit to enable me to keep up the good work.

My original Slissie supply hasn’t run out despite daily use but there are other flavours aside from mint. You can order 3 different or 3 of the same from a choice of 10 for £12.99. (The 21 day starter pack is £29.99) I’ve chosen spearmint, mint chocolate, and, caramel coffee. What would you choose?

Slissie are currently offering £10 off starter packs and free delivery on all orders. Definitely worth a look if you’re a sugar addict like me.

*Featured photo credit: wuestenigel Donuts with chocolate topping via photopin (license)

* Slissie supplied me with an original mint kit for the purposes of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.