the prompt happy

The Prompt: Happy



Butterflies make me happy,
With their coloured wings in flight,
I could watch them in my garden,
From morning until night.

Chocolate makes me happy,
So naughty but so nice,
In Summer, thanks to soya,
I can even have choc ice!

My nephew makes me happy,
With every smile and grin,
He’s such a precious angel,
Each day feels like a win. happy

Puppies make me happy,
Though I do miss Stella so,
Nothing is the same now,
I have sweet memories though. Stella

Rainbows make me happy,
They’re worth a little rain,
Sunshine lights the sky up,
Like pleasure after pain. rainbow panorama

My boyfriend makes me happy,
An unexpected find,
Fate has sent me love again,
I’m so very pleased he’s mine 🙂 seaside selfie




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  1. This is so pure and beautiful. The rainbow being worth the rain is so reflective of life and each simple pleasure you describe is given such worth. #ThePrompt

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