Feeling Light On My Feet With Scholl

I was recently sent a pair of Scholl Light Legs tights to try.

Scholl Light Legs tights

About Scholl Light Legs Tights

Their smooth 20 denier compression helps fight the battle of leaden-feeling legs and they feature unique Ladder LockTM technology – a specially designed fabric that prevents holes from turning into ladders…this feature is amazing to me after years of losing tights and stockings to the slightest snag…usually from a puppy paw!

School Light Legs tights are designed with exclusive Fibre FirmTM technology to reduce tiredness and heaviness in legs by boosting circulation with targeted pressure from the ankle upwards and they tighten and shape legs to give the appearance of a slender and toned silhouette.

Available in S, M, L, XL from a range of pharmacies and retailers including Boots and Superdrug at a MRRP of £14.99, the Scholl Light Legs tights last up to 50 washes without losing shape and compression.


Did I like them?

The days are indeed getting longer but I thought Summer would be just too hot to even think about tights. The quirky little heatwaves we’re getting are sometimes making the thought of any extra layers simply unbearable!

However, after a stormy day of thunder and lightning left the air comfortably cooler I had a brilliant opportunity to give my Scholl Light Legs tights a decent workout.

It was a #stepmumintraining day with the lovely boyfriend and his kids. This included formally meeting his ex-wife, watching both children perform in a musical, getting lunch, plus, an evening barbecue with friends for us all which turned into a very late night when the children were reluctant to leave and go home.

I had a feeling I’d be busy on my feet a lot for that particular Saturday and I wasn’t wrong! Out at 10am, home at midnight. I was knackered, but, amazingly, my legs weren’t. There may well be something in this latest compression technology.

Last Friday we joined some Meetup friends for The Big Weekend in Cambridge. Lots of walking to Parker’s Piece followed by some dancing to 80s music (headline act ABC were brilliant), a walk around the continental market, and then a walk so himself could get a burger (he has a mistrust of outdoor food places! Friday is my morning in the charity shop too so I expecting my poor old legs to be crying for mercy. However, they were still feeling fine by the time we got home. Looking fine too, so I’m told 😉

I have been wearing the nude version, but, I shall be investing in a black pair for nights out. I couldn’t help but be impressed.

My legs did indeed feel good from morning till evening. Thank you Scholl 🙂


*I was sent one pair of Scholl Light Legs tights for the purposes of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.