favourite films

Favourite Films

Shamelessy pinched this idea from Tim at Slouching Towards Thatcham after his Movie Weekender post.

I may well have my own movie weekend as the lovely boyfriend is away at the British Grand Prix (boys only trip – but camping so I’m only slightly envious!) A lot of films we enjoy together but some suggestions each of us make are met with eye rolls or groans so it’s an opportunity to watch a slushy rom com without him nodding off in the Maltesers – ooh, I don’t have to share the Maltesers! 🙂

As with music I have quite a varied taste in movies and himself is often surprised that I would happily follow The Little Mermaid with Final Destination!

So, I’ve chosen half a dozen of my favourites and I’m expecting to settle down to watch a couple of these over the next couple of days.

The Lake House

An impossible story that’s impossibly romantic…I can’t even watch the trailer without crying.

The Thomas Crown Affair

I had no idea this was a re-make until a long time after I first saw it. Great story with a super romantic under-current. Some great art too!

The Game

I’m amazed at the number of people that have never seen this movie. It kept me hooked and I don’t even like Michael Douglas! Such a great story.

Pretty In Pink

Always a close run thing between this and ‘St Elmo’s Fire’ when I need some 80s bratback goodness in my life! As long as Andrew McCarthey’s there all is good 🙂

Such an awesome soundtrack too!

My Fair Lady

Absolute classic. Being part cockney the language and elocution part of the Pygmalion story both amuses and fascinates me. Audrey Hepburn is faultless.

The Shining

Not all Stephen King adaptations are anything to write home about but Stanley Kubrick did an outstanding job with this.

A lot of films we watch on tv nowadays so my DVDs often gather dust so it will be good to get them out for further viewing.

We also have a new Cineworld recently opened locally but haven’t been yet. The last time we went to the cinema was to take the lovely boyfriend’s kids to see The Lego Batman Movie. I think I enjoyed it as much as they did but it’s very expensive when you take the overpriced food & drink into account.

Do have favourite films to watch again and again?