happy holidays

Happy Holidays

After a short break at Easter, I’m gearing-up for a full week away during August with the lovely boyfriend and his kids.

His young daughter is already fond of iPhone photography and his teenage son is one of my followers on Instagram so both are as well aware as I am that, though some memories should be privately enjoyed, some are too photogenic not to share!

While himself is a little miffed that both of his children have far superior ‘phones than he can afford (and suspects that his maintenance payments pays for those rather than school shoes; that’s a whole other debate not for your delicate eyes dear reader!), he does love the fact that the 3 of us have a shared interest.

It was fun therefore, to receive the following Instagram lists for holidays:

Top Ten Things To Instagram:

1.     Views and scenery
2.     Top landmarks and sightseeing spots
3.     Where I am staying
4.     Food
5.     Selfies at landmarks
6.     The sea
7.     Animals in the area
8.     View from the plane
9.     Feet in the sand
10.  Hot dog legs

I suspect that all but 2 of the above will be found on my Instagram account over the following weeks. There is no plane involved on this occasion, and, trust me, no-one wants to see my sausage thighs on their social media timeline!

Top Ten Most ‘Instagrammable’ Parts Of The Hotel

1.     View from the bedroom window
2.     The swimming pool
3.     The exterior of the hotel
4.     The food
5.     Little design details such as interesting lighting or furniture
6.     The breakfast buffet
7.     The bed
8.     The hotel lobby
9.     The bar
10.  The bath

Can’t promise many of these as we’re on a holiday park but looking through this list I pretty much had it covered on just a short weekend in Edinburgh earlier in the year! I even managed the ‘View From The Plane’ too! Novotel Edinburgh Novotel Edinburgh Easyjet to Edinburgh

Top Five Holiday Hashtags

1.     #holiday
2.     #travel
3.     #views
4.     #myview
5.     #hotel

I’m still not that hot on using the right hashtags, but, I’ve a feeling a couple of posts may include #stepmumintraining  😆

Looking forward to our holiday immensely. Discovering new places; making new memories; forging stronger bonds, and, taking lots and lots of photos!

Are you taking an ‘instagrammable’ holiday this Summer?