Wicken Fen

A Walk at Wicken

It was Amazon Prime Day recently so I decided to update my compact camera. While I love taking the Nikon out and about, for our upcoming Summer holiday I thought it would be better to leave it behind and take something more portable.

Before I invested in the DSLR I had a Panasonic Lumix that I loved and decided to go for a newer model in that range again. The TZ60 arrived last week 🙂

The workings are quite similar but over the years there have been several bits and pieces updated so to get used to the buttons again I took the lovely boyfriend for a walk at nearby Wicken Fen Nature Reserve.

It was a cloudy old evening after a day of showers but it’s always a good stroll and there’s always something to photograph 🙂

The windpump is probably the most photographed subject on the fen but I love to capture the residents and the wildlife too…

The Konik ponies and Highland cattle are wonderful and it’s brilliant when they’re close by…

Sometimes they’re camera-shy though so I have to find other subjects.

And always come back to the windpump before heading home!


Pretty pleased with the first few shots with my new toy…some functions will take some getting used to but it’s always fun learning with a camera.

Do you have a favourite place close to home for photo walks?



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