Post 40 Bloggers Writing Prompt: Something You’ve Let Go

Letting Go

One girl and her dog
Suited me so well
But when losing Stella
Contentment didn’t dwell.

A man arrived to love me
My days consumed again
A new canine companion
Became if instead of when.

Being part of family
Fulfilling and time filled
Kids would love a puppy
In the happy home we’d build.

Human bonds grew stronger
Four paws could add to that
We all grew fond of Agnes*
But the idea then fell flat.

Then there’s news of puppies
I thought it was a sign
Doggy intervention
Fluffy bundle; mine!

The next news was bad though
Cancer holding firm
Priorities are changing
Treatment now long term.

That man that came to love me
Is suffering inside
Hopes and dreams are put on hold
While we fight this turning tide.

The next years will be harder
How hard I don’t know
But, the faithful friend plan,
I’ve decided to let go.


The Prompt is on its well-deserved Summer break so I used a #writingprompt from the #Post40Bloggers for this week’s poem, ‘Something You’ve Let Go.’

The lovely boyfriend had a setback last week when we discovered his cancer treatment hadn’t been as successful as we’d hoped. His consultant is concerned and so more scans and tests and treatment will follow and I want all my strength and wits about me to help him fight this new battle. Though the house still feels empty without a Stella in it, I feel my energy would be better used in a supportive capacity to the man I thought I’d grow old with.

This is where we disagree. He can take or leave dogs and is indeed allergic to some breeds, but, when I sat him down to tell him I wasn’t getting the chocolate labrador puppy I’d been so excitedly considering the week before, he said he was going to tell me to definitely get one as he wouldn’t be around to grow old with.

My heart was torn as I know he wants to be prepared for the worst but I’m determined to help him focus on the best. That is to enjoy all of the time we can and have faith in the amazing doctors and nurses and clever people researching this terrible disease in order to find a cure. Knowledge and treatments are advancing all the time and we have to have hope that something will save my darling man and not take him away from me and his children too soon.

We, and the medical team, were sure that they’d caught his cancer early and it should have been, in cancer terms, easily dealt with. Apparently prostate cancer is one of the ‘better’ ones to have. The very word still strikes the fear of God into me but he seemed fairly optimistic after diagnosis so, of course, I was too.

The latest not-so-good news is hopefully just a minor blip and the next set of scans will prove I’ve been worrying and crying and Googling the hell out of the Prostate Cancer UK site for nothing.

The puppy issue may return…we’ll see, but, for now, I’m letting the idea go.


As a side note, if any of the men in your life are approaching 50 and having troublesome symptoms in their nether regions, do encourage them to get a PSA test done. It’s so quick and simple but can save a life.


*Sorry for the not-so-joyful poem this week. Here’s a puppy photo to compensate. Agnes is an Akita we met at the Dogs Trust. We all fell in love with her and she seemed to respond to all the family too. But there could be no follow-up as she’s only allowed around older children. This suits the #stepmumintraining agenda but because I spend so much time with my baby nephew, we got a no. Isn’t she gorgeous though?!


Checking out the Dogs Trust site, it looks like Agnes has found a forever home now. I’m so pleased, she’s a lovely girl that deserves a happy ending and I’m also pleased to end this post with good news! 🙂



  1. I am so sorry to hear the cancer treatment isn’t going as well as you would have both hoped and you have had to change your plans. You have made a decision that is right for both for you and I am keeping everything crossed for you x

  2. I am so sorry to read about your boyfriends setback. Cancer really sucks! Fingers crossed that it is just a minor blip.
    That dog Agnes is beautiful. I am so glad she’s found a home x

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