top 10 signs you need a break

Top 10 Signs That You Need A Break

Lisa’s Life is taking a break this week and so to keep with the holiday mood I’m sharing this list that will help you decide if you too need time away.

According to this my Summer trip was very overdue!

Holiday Inn Express had a study done earlier this year in which it was discovered that, on average, work productivity drops a mere 4 weeks after we return from a break. As time goes on there are other signs that we need to get away from the 9 to 5 routine.

Top ten signs you need a break:

1. Eating more comfort food than usual

2. You get jealous seeing friend’s pictures of their holiday or break

3. You spend more time daydreaming than doing your actual day job

4. You can’t face your to-do list

5. You find yourself looking at old travel pictures over and over again old venice photos

6. You hit snooze on the morning alarm one too many times

7. You can no longer muster the will to make small talk at work

8. You enter a room and can’t remember what you went in there for

9. You drink more tea/coffee than usual to help you get through the day

10. You oversleep more than once a week

Mike Greenup, Vice President Brand Management, Holiday Inn Express, said: “Everyone knows getting away can be restorative and help counterbalance our busy work lives.

“But it’s interesting to see just how often people feel they need to be having a break to remain happy, productive and stress-free.

“We have noticed people are seeking out an increasing amount of adventure getaways and experiences that are affordable and easily achievable.

“Many are also looking to make the most of the UK and explore what is in their back yard rather than venturing too far afield.”

Forty-three per cent of people said not having regular breaks leaves them feeling more stressed, while four in ten feel more tired than usual.

Others say they make silly mistakes at work (13%), become less productive (31%) or feel less enthusiastic about work (36%).

But there is a shift in the type of breaks people are booking with many moving away from the stereotypical image of the boozy Brit abroad, with the top reasons for choosing a break away to explore the outdoors or complete a physical challenge.

The study revealed nearly one in three (28%) want to focus on improving their overall health and wellbeing during minibreaks away, while less than 15% want a getaway indulging in food and booze.

Experiencing something new and feeling like they’ve accomplished something were ranked as the top two priorities when booking a trip away, while less than 5% view ‘relaxing with a good book‘ as the best way to unwind when on holiday.

Top ten activities to do on a break:

1. Hiking

2. Cycling

3. Water sports

4. Sailing/boating

5. Mountain biking

6. Climbing/abseiling

7. Skiing

8. Yoga

9. Go-karting

10. Caving

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Our holiday isn’t planned out to be particularly action-packed though the kids will be doing more walking than they’re used to! We hope to have a go at horse-riding too and I’m surprised not to see that on the list. A boat trip is booked already and hopefully by the time you read this, the weather will have stayed relatively kind for us!

How are you holidays panning out? Calm and relaxed or full steam ahead?



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