Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays

Bank Holiday Monday’s approaching fast,
Make some memories built to last.

Visit the seaside, or take a trip to the zoo,
There’s an endless choice of what to do.

Take it easy, and try to relax,
Practice yoga, or jumping jacks!

Go for a bike ride; walk the dog,
If you’re so-inclined, go for a jog.

Build with Lego; paddle in the sea,
Who knows, next year, where you’ll be.

Just have fun, ignore the weather,
Love the family time together.

Traffic jams and screaming kids,
Picnic boxes with ill-fitting lids.

Lunch at the pub, go on a date,
Let the thoughts of the rat race wait.

Get outdoors, the time will fly,
Just do something; don’t ask why.

Travel far or travel near,
Enjoy the last one of the year! Croyde Beach, North Devon

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