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  Humour, honesty, and hounds from the Lisa’s Life blog.

I primarily started this blog, like a lot of people, as an online memory box…a place to keep old and new stories. I’ve written about my bouts of clinical depression and the resulting memory-loss so a blog seemed like a good place to share things with others, and myself, when I’m having forgetful moments.

Darling Stella crossed the Rainbow Bridge on the 24th October 2016. Therefore I’m currently dealing with grief of the loss of my best friend and other family and health issues so please forgive me if you’re expecting a post on a certain day and it doesn’t appear. The ‘dizzy’ in my social media bios doesn’t hint at my previous days as a blonde, but, refers to my previously chronic vestibular migraines.  

This blog is about my life and though it won’t always be fascinating or funny, it will always be honest. There will be cooking experiments; there may be rants; there will be poetry, prose & photography;  there may be lots of puppies; there will be a wide assortment of linkies and comments are very welcome indeed.

There are also reviews. Some are sponsored, some are just stuff I really like and think you may too. If you’re looking for a review please contact me and I’ll certainly consider anything that fits with this blog’s content.

lisaslife@outlook.com or use the contact form below  🙂

Thank you for visiting and come back soon 🙂

All the best,

Lisa xox


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