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Goodbye 2016

  David Bowie said goodbye to Fame, Paul Daniels left the magic game. Terry Wogan had ruled the airwaves, Like Jimmy Young he played our faves. The Two Ronnies are re-united, And George Martin, also knighted. Fave TV stars: Hilda, Manuel, R2D2, Leia: gone as well. Victoria Wood really made me giggle, Prince, at times, […]

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Life Goes On

So it’s time to say goodbye, Goodbye to twenty sixteen, Quite theĀ rollercoaster, A hell of a year it’s been. But, life goes on. I’ve felt so much sadness, That’s been so very hard to bear; But there’s also been gladness, I’ve received so much love and care. So, life goes on. How I mourn for […]

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A Christmas Poem

Decorations, red and gold; The greatest story ever told. Christmas tree, standing proud; Carollers, sing out loud. Peace on earth, goodwill to all; Seems far away with each war call. Lights and stars so merry and bright; Keep on shining until Twelfth Night. Turkey, mince pies, and, mulled wine; Tradition dictates food that’s fine. Seasons […]

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The Prompt: Lonely

  I need not be lonely, Now that you are in my world. We haven’t known each other long, But I’m such a happy girl. Just three months and counting, Each day you’ve made me smile. Your warmth and kindness fill me, You have a caring, gentle style. With your arms wrapped tight around me, […]

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The Prompt: Appreciate

Embed from Getty Images You don’t have to be American, To be thankful at this time; Here’s just a few reasons, That I made into a rhyme. I have a roof above my head, Warm clothes upon my back; Tasty food is on my table, There’s not much in which I lack. Three months since […]

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The Prompt: Journey

* Dear Stella, we had quite a journey; I still can’t believe that you’re gone. My mind gets flooded with memories; Twelve years and eleven months on. Narrowly missed your next birthday; But you knew that you’d had enough. My brave, determined companion; Those last few weeks were so tough. Our walks I’ll fondly remember; […]

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The Prompt: Red

Some of you are aware that Stella is now very poorly indeed. As I type this we are preparing for a serious conversation with the vet that will most likely include planning a date for euthanasia. I will never be ready but each day she shows more signs that she’s finding her reduced quality of […]

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