Poetry for Photography

I always seem to set myself challenges during August. One involves geocaching and one photography. For the latter I use the brilliant prompts from Fat Mum Slim to get my daily photo 🙂 As MumTurnedMom’s The Prompt is still on Summer Holidays I thought I’d share August’s prompted photography with you and a rhyming couplet for each […] #post40bloggers

Post 40 Bloggers Writing Prompt: Blogging

Writing Prompt 24: How Do You Feel About Blogging Compared To When You First Started?   It was quite a long time ago Lisa started this blog that you know She shared her pictures and writing And hoped that they were inviting Stella featured often of course Plus the odd tale of her divorce She […] #post40bloggers

Post 40 Bloggers Writing Prompt: You and Sport

I wasn’t sure which writing prompt to choose this week as the Post 40 Bloggers one is ‘Endings’ and last week’s poem seemed a bit too close to that for me to write something else on that theme. So, whether wisely or not, I let the good people of Twitter choose for me by picking […]