Woof Wednesday

Woof Wednesday: Photographic Memory

I mentioned to you recently about my find of a forgotten folder of photos from Ely Cathedral. There are more joys I’m discovering from last Summer as I work through the memory card…inevitably there are several shots of darling Stella among them. Some from our ever-decreasing long walks; a few from geocaching adventures cut short; […]

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Woof Wednesday: Dear Stella

Dear Stella, I wasn’t expecting to be writing to you for Woof Wednesday this week. I thought I might put something together soon as April is National Pet Month. Even though you are gone, I’m still madly in love with all the other puppies (and some kittens!) However, this weekend, something strange happened. People┬ácant help […]

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Woof Wednesday Holidays

Last weekend, the lovely boyfriend and I spent another day on the coast. Not Essex this time, but North Norfolk. As we walked part of the Norfolk Coastal Path at Blakeney and I collected shells on the beach at Cley I couldn’t help but be distracted by the doggies that were around. I couldn’t help […]

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One Photo No Words 8th January 2017

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Woof Wednesday: The Comeback

This may not be a regular occurrence but I had the pleasure of a canine house-guest the other evening and thought it might be nice to share ­čÖé We have American friends that were travelling into Europe for New Year’s Eve and asked if I’d look after their gorgeous Blue Weimeraner, Kaijah. I have walked […]

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Woof Wednesday: Treat Your Dog Like A Super-Earo

If your dog keeps scratching its ears or shaking its head, it may be suffering with an ear infection. Poor Stella used to get these recurrently when she was young and, despite all her health woes over the years, they seemed to be the most upsetting for her, and, therefore for me. Of all her […]

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Keep Calm – It’s Only A Competition

I mentioned last week that a box had arrived for Stella too late. I opened it and these are the contents: So, what’s it all about? Well, the good folks at Lintbells make a great range of pet supplements for all of our four-legged friends, doggies included. They wanted to introduce their newest item to […]

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