woof wednesday

Woof Wednesday: In Praise Of Older Dogs

It’s no secret that Stella is advancing in years. Having recently had her 12th Gotcha Day, her 13th birthday is fast approaching too. Obviously since her cancer diagnosois, every day is a blessing anyway but, having lost my previous darling girl to a tumour at 9 years old, I’d always planned to make the most […]

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Woof Wednesday Puppy Pledge

If any of you have thought about giving in to the cries of “can we have a puppy?!” over the Summer Holidays, you may be interested in a puppy awareness campaign, or Puppy Pledge, from the National Animal Welfare Trust. The National Animal Welfare Trust cared for and rehomed 1500 animals last year, mainly cats […]

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Woof Wednesday: Gotcha

Stella On the Eighth of September, Two Thousand and Four; I brought a Black Labrador Home through my door. Twelve years have passed, Each day is a blessing; Even when you trip me up While I’m dressing! Stella, my love, We may not have long; But I’m not giving up on you, While your spirit […]

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Woof Wednesday: Mission GC

Over the last few weeks, Stella and I have been taking part in a covert geocaching operation called Mission GC. I say covert, it wasn’t. But, it was for premium members only of the geocaching community so we felt special anyway! Things weren’t made easy for us on this mission either. Before we even set […]

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Woof Wednesday: The Great British Bark Off

Yes, a certain very popular TV show is back on telly tonight, so, in honour of that, I’ve browsed the interweb and found some Summer recipes for our four-legged friends. Stella loves the Billy & Margot ice cream of course but it’s good to make things at home too…these are all on my to-do list, […]

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Woof Wednesday: Stella News

Hello Woofers, Stella here! Mum said I should write to you all with an update on my health as this Monday morning I had another check-up with the V E T. I have to have regular blood tests because of the different tablets I take, this time it was for my epilepsy. Also, the vet […]

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Woof Wednesday goes to BBC Countryfile Live

Last Friday, courtesy of Blacks, Stella and I were invited to attend the BBC Countryfile Live event held at Oxfordshire’s historic Blenheim Place. This offered every aspect of the British countryside through exciting live arena shows, talks, animal displays, hands on activities and more than 600 food and craft producers… safe to say there would be something […]

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