no coffee coffee cake

No Coffee Coffee Cake

I don’t know about you, but, if someone offers me coffee cake, I expect at least coffee-flavoured sponge, or, coffee-flavoured icing. However, coffee cake just means it’s a cake traditionally served with coffee. Personally, any sort of cake goes with any sort of beverage, if you ask me! I found a new (to me) healthy […]

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The 25 Question Food Tag

Yet another tag post shamelessly pinched from Kim at Northumberland Mam but she does find the best ones!   1. What’s your favourite breakfast?   Raisin pancakes drizzled in maple syrup…so delicious 🙂    2. How do you drink your coffee?   When I’m out it’s a soy latte. When I’m in it’s good old […]

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Simply Scrumptious

I promised not to go overboard with gushing about how this year’s Valentine’s Day was my best ever. However, this brownie recipe is just too good not to share! I found the original deliciousness at the Only Deco Love blog though I didn’t really believe that the 3 ingredient recipe would work…especially as I was […]

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Woof Wednesday: The Great British Bark Off

Yes, a certain very popular TV show is back on telly tonight, so, in honour of that, I’ve browsed the interweb and found some Summer recipes for our four-legged friends. Stella loves the Billy & Margot ice cream of course but it’s good to make things at home too…these are all on my to-do list, […]

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New Ways To Get Your Five-a-Day

As part of my #fattytofitty regime, I’m walking more and exercising more, as well as more healthy eating and drinking too. Healthy Drinking Everywhere I turn it seems subliminal messages are telling me to do something about my frankly pathetic water intake. So, I jumped at the chance to try a new concept in drinks bottle. Called […]

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udis gluten freedom

Udilicious Snacking!

You may have seen on your supermarket shelves some new goodies from Udi’s. Despite trying to stick to a diet I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try some of the latest range for myself and was delighted when a box of Udiliciousness arrived on my doorstep 🙂 A few lovely snacking options inside, it was […]

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Chopping & Cooking: Skenda Knives

I was delighted recently to be offered the opportunity to give a set of Skenda knives a try. I’m not the safest girl in the kitchen with sharp things but really liked the look of these. I love how the bold bright colours fit in with my kitchen bits and bobs and I love the […]

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