Brandon Country Park

One Photo No Words 26th March 2017


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Let’s Go To Linton Zoo

As you may have seen from recent Instagrams and my Sunday photo, last weekend involved a trip to Linton Zoo. The lovely boyfriend has two children and a couple of weeks ago we had our first group outing. That first meeting with them involved a fantastic visit to the cinema. Eating sweets and watching the Lego […]

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One Photo No Words 19th March 2017

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One Photo No Words 12th March 2017

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Exploring Edinburgh

The combination of several years ill health and the lack of a travelling companion meant that my passport had long expired when I met my other half. He’d mentioned a rugby trip ‘with the lads’ to Edinburgh in our early days which would clash with my birthday. It turned out the lads’ wives were also going […]

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One Photo No Words: 5th March 2017

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High Street Haul with The Children’s Society

  I was recently asked if I’d like to take a trip to The Children’s Society charity shop. As they have not one but two branches near to where I work it would have been silly to say no! I’ve written about The Children’s Society charity before but they may be a new name to some of […]

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