Saturday… On This Day…

2nd July Today is the birthday of comedian Peter Kay so here’s his alter ego Geraldine Mcqueen with her first hit song from “Britain’s Got The Pop Factor And Possibly A New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice” & here’s her appearance on “Take That Come To Town.” Very funny 🙂 Today’s the first main […]

Monday Memories:Happy Birthday Dad

It’s my Dad’s 70th birthday so I dedicate today’s blog to him 🙂 I inherit my best (generosity, loyalty, sense of humour & book-loving) and worst (intolerance, impatience, unsociability & temper) personality traits from him, which I think drives Mum mad at times. It also means that at times we are the daddy-daughter cliche but […]

Sunday Sermon: Are We Too Soft On Criminals?

This morning, after many months of bad sleep again, and, after letting Stella out at 6am, I went back to bed. Didn’t wake up until 10am and missed church. The precious sleep was much needed though. OK, I thought, I’ll watch the BBC’s Big Questions show, only to find it finished it’s latest run last […]