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AA Skincare…For Your Hair

Last year I reviewed one of the new shampoos from the AA Skincare people and recently I was sent a conditioner to try. There are five varieties in the shampoo and conditioner range (see below) and all have a complimentary shower gel available too. Ylang Ylang, Argan & Rosemary Reviving Conditioner Nutrient rich to help […]

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Confidence Revisited

I last wrote about confidence, or lack of, back in 2015. International Women’s Day seems like a good time to look back on that post and reflect on how, or if, things have changed for me since then. Certainly, my life is rather different. I’ve lost my constant companion but gained a romantic partner. I […]

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Biotulin: Beauty Without Botox

I have yet another post-40 birthday arriving tomorrow (why do they come round so quick now?!) Therefore, I often find myself looking for, non-surgical, ways of trying to preserve my pre-40 face! So I wonder if you’re as interested as I am to read about Biotulin, an organic gel said to be used by Kate […]

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Blooming Blue Monday

The most “depressing day of the year” is here again and, though the worst of my mental health problems are thankfully behind me, this is a topic that needs addressing. More than once a year ideally as we all should know by now that clinical depression is much, much more than feeling a bit put […]

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Walking 1000 Miles In The Woods

I may¬†not manage it exactly but I have seen #1000milechallenge bandied about on social media and I think it’s definitely¬†achievable this year. The point is to walk lots outdoors, but, with no canine companion in 2017 (yet?!) I may have to include a few treadmill miles too. I did manage lots of lovely steps on […]

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Straightening Out The Competition

When I told the lovely boyfriend that brand new Lee Stafford hair straighteners were on their way to me for this review, he said, and I quote: “What?! You’re going to try and straighten that unruly mop?!” Rude. He hasn’t known me very long yet so hasn’t noticed the old hair straighteners I’ve owned for […]

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Brighter Eyes with Optrex

Not long ago, my eyes needed their yearly check-up with the optician. I wasn’t surprised that my prescription had changed and it was a good excuse to get brand new purple frames too! I also had a contact lens trial which I failed dismally at. It doesn’t help that, even though I can cry at […]

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