lee stafford hair straighteners

Straightening Out The Competition

When I told the lovely boyfriend that brand new Lee Stafford hair straighteners were on their way to me for this review, he said, and I quote: “What?! You’re going to try and straighten that unruly mop?!” Rude. He hasn’t known me very long yet so hasn’t noticed the old hair straighteners I’ve owned for […]

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Brighter Eyes with Optrex

Not long ago, my eyes needed their yearly check-up with the optician. I wasn’t surprised that my prescription had changed and it was a good excuse to get brand new purple frames too! I also had a contact lens trial which I failed dismally at. It doesn’t help that, even though I can cry at […]

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Give The Gift Of Skincare

If you’re looking for Christmas ideas for the ladies in your life you could do much worse than look at the fine array AA Skincare have to offer. I’m still loving the Frankincense & Rose toner I reviewed a while back and so I was delighted to receive the Face Rejuvinating Kit gift set which […]

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On The Right Foot with Carnation

I recently read some survey results concluding that 1 in 10 people would happily take a pay cut to wear trainers at work and 41% of women have cut short a night out as their feet were hurting so much. The latter I’ve definitely done and am very fortunate in that, working with my dad, I […]

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Loving Lingerie with House Of Fraser

A bit of a different wishlist post from me, but, now I’m a few dress sizes smaller, I am finding myself having to go shopping, quite literally, for smalls! Loose lingerie is not a good look. I’m so very proud of myself that I’ve gone from a size 18 (that’s probably the first time I’ve […]

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AA Skin and Tonic

I love getting new products to try from AA Skincare and this Frankincense and Rose toner is no exception. I was also sent samples of the cleanser and moisturiser so I could get the whole rosy effect. My normal facial moisturiser is their lavender and tea tree but I already know what I’ll be replacing […]

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Keeping Health In Mind

If you see my #fattytofitty updates on Twitter and Facebook you’ll know I’m working hard on my physical health. But, what about upstairs in the mental department? With a history of bouts of clinical depression and my recent chronic migraines, it’s no wonder I still suffer with brain fog!  There’s also the ongoing battle I have with […]

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