Tease Those Tangles: 10 Tips For Healthy Hair

Some of you know that my sister-in-law is a hairdresser. She has long lauded the talents of the Tangle Teezer range so I’m pleased to share their advice with you today 🙂 Embed from Getty Images   Everybody wants smooth, sleek tresses but not everyone knows how to perfect their hair. Here, Tangle Teezer share […]

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lisas-life.com AA Fenjal review feature

A Review From My Shower

I’ve reviewed AA Skincare’s, erm, skin care, range before, but, new to the product range are natural goodies for your barnet. I was sent the Ylang Ylang, Argan & Rosemary version and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. It has a lovely natural scent and lathers well, not too much that […]

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lisas-life.com barchester healthcare dementia awareness

Celebrate Life During Dementia Awareness Week

Next week is Dementia Awareness Week and, with almost 850,000 people in the UK with a dementia diagnosis, there probably aren’t many of us not to have been affected, either through family or friends, by this disease. Embed from Getty Images   In my case it was my paternal Grandad whose mind became foggy and […]

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Arbonne tree

Ah bon! Arbonne! A review and giveaway.

You may have heard of Arbonne, the Swiss developed skincare brand. I hadn’t until quite recently when I was approached by a local consultant about trying out some of their range. At first I thought, oh it’ll be like Avon, but, it’s not. Arbonne also have an ever-extending range of Vegan nutritional products and supplements. […]

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Facing Facts with Amphora Aromatics

You know I’m already a fan of the AA Skincare range so I was pleased to try the new Ooh-arr face masks that have their home at Amphora now. The first thing that struck me when these arrived was the very vibrant packaging! Would my skin feel vibrant after I’d tried them? The masks are […]

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lisas-life.com #fattytofitty

Fatty To Fitty?

I wasn’t sure whether to write about my current weight loss and fitness ‘journey’ ( I hate it too, blame X Factor!)  but a few people now have suggested I should as I’m making decent progress. Don’t panic though, there’ll be no before and after photo shenanigans going on here! Some of you know I’ve […]

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lisas-life.com Pertz

Feeling Pretty Pert In Pertz

I was recently offered the chance of trying a pair of Pertz leggings. With a tagline of ‘The Shape Of Feeling Good‘, I’d have been daft to say no thank you wouldn’t I?! I’ve lost more than a dress size recently since starting my healthier habits but I still ordered large as my confidence is […]

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