valentine's day prestige flowers

Prestige Valentine’s Day Flowers

For the first year in a very long time I will have a beau on Valentine’s Day. Therefore it was quite amusing when the doorbell rang very early on Saturday morning so that I could be presented with a huge beautiful box from Prestige Flowers‘ Valentine’s Day range. The box is big and bold and […]

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Herbal Health from AA Skincare

This year I’ll continue to bring you reviews of new products from AA Skincare. January saw the launch of their latest plant-inspired shower and bath gel range which uses Ayurvedic* herb powders to boost skin health. I think you’ll agree we’d all love our skin to look and feel a little healthier. *Ayurvedic medicine — […]

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Brighter Eyes with Optrex

Not long ago, my eyes needed their yearly check-up with the optician. I wasn’t surprised that my prescription had changed and it was a good excuse to get brand new purple frames too! I also had a contact lens trial which I failed dismally at. It doesn’t help that, even though I can cry at […]

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Red Candy Twelve Days Of Christmas Wishlist

On my Twelve Days Of Christmas wishlist, my true love gave to me: Twelve Red Carnival Lights Eleven American Landmarks Ten Green Bottle Lights Nine Joseph Josephs Eight Magic Photo Frames Seven Inch Display Frame Six Comfy Cushions   Five Gold (Telephone) Rings! Four Animal Planters Three Kitchen Nessies Two Stickman Bookends And a Butterfly […]

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A Wardrobe Update with House Of Fraser

You may remember a while back I received a fabulous frock to wear from House Of Fraser. Now that the Autumn/Winter season is here I have a lovely jacket from their great womenswear range to keep the cold out while still looking cool. The Annika jacket from Therapy is a beautiful burgundy colour and therefore […]

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Give The Gift Of Skincare

If you’re looking for Christmas ideas for the ladies in your life you could do much worse than look at the fine array AA Skincare have to offer. I’m still loving the Frankincense & Rose toner I reviewed a while back and so I was delighted to receive the Face Rejuvinating Kit gift set which […]

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On The Right Foot with Carnation

I recently read some survey results concluding that 1 in 10 people would happily take a pay cut to wear trainers at work and 41% of women have cut short a night out as their feet were hurting so much. The latter I’ve definitely done and am very fortunate in that, working with my dad, I […]

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