I Don’t Believe It’s Saturday

  9th July As usual I’ll start with notable birthdays: Firstly, Richard Wilson, famous actor, notably during my tv viewing years for One Foot In The Grave and a very funny cameo in Father Ted 🙂  Also O.J.Simpson & the very talented Tom Hanks Music-wise we have Marc Almond & Jim Kerr Hopefully some more 80s goodies in Thursday’s blog as tonight […]

Monday Memories: Saffron Walden Carnival

CARNIVAL! On Saturday I attended Saffron Walden Carnival Procession. They don’t just have a one day event like most towns. Instead they have a tri-annual 8 Day Weekend 🙂 I’m also very much looking forward to attending the closing night 80s party next Saturday night with some of my favourite acts. Primarily I was there to […]