Saturday …on this day

A couple of good birthdays to celebrate today including one very important one, today is my favourite auntie’s birthday. Happy Birthday Auntie Brenda! ūüôā xox on her wedding day marrying Uncle Brian August 6th 1966 Otherwise it’s the birthday of¬†Gladys Knight¬†(1944) who sang my favourite James Bond Theme: Sadly, on this day last year, we […]

Let’s Talk About…Social Networking

Social Networking ¬† ¬† You’ll be pleased to know this isn’t just another Twitter rant blog, though I’m sure more will follow at some point! But, I had outlined a blog post & not published it, then read @BubblyNatz’s brilliant¬†“Online Personas”¬†blog and I was inspired to fill in my gaps & get it written. I […]

Monday Memories: I’m A Little Teapot

Yesterday, after church¬†& Big Walkies and whilst half-watching, half-listening to the¬†Spanish Grand Prix¬†I’d recorded earlier, I decided the furniture needed a move around.¬† I’m sure this is a girl thing, do let me know if I’m wrong but it seems the only people I know that get¬†bored of the¬†way their rooms are on a more […]