Saturday…on this day…

I’ll let the BBC’s history & news departments tell the story of previous 30th Aprils, they’ll do it much more factually correct than I. 30th April 2011 for me is quite a nondescript lazy-ish day filled with: Laundry Gardening Walkies plus watching this weeks movie courtesy of Lovefilm, “Last Exorcism” and going back in time courtesy of a just […]

Foto Friday

This weeks theme from the Digital Photography School is “Light” After waking to a distinct lack of sunlight I gave up on getting an outdoor shot & took this, but thought it seemed a bit dark considering, despite the grey skies, it’s Spring. So, I glanced around for something better & remembered I had some pretty pastel […]

Woof Wednesday: Stella The Geohound

When I moved from Suffolk to Cambridgeshire I was looking for a new hobby. Something to get me out of the house, something I could do with Stella, something that may present photographic opportunities and something that was interesting & stimulating.   At the time I had only just heard of geocaching through someone I […]

Tuesday…let’s talk about…Twitter

Slightly inspired by my pal @gashead’s recent blog “Twitter Boredom” I thought I’d share a little of my own love/hate relationship with that certain micro-blogging site. I put off signing up to Twitter for ages but did that silly thing of mostly following celebrities that have no care for interaction. I soon got rid of most of […]

Monday Memories: Memories of Brodie

In March 2009 I was diagnosed with clinical depression for the 2nd time. No major traumatic event to cause it, just a build-up of little sad/disappointing events that on their own, relationship problems/crap friends/hideous house move, wouldn’t stop me functioning but all together over a period of 6 months caused me to be quite ill. I’m […]