common dog health problems

5 Most Common Dog Health Problems

Dogs are an excellent choice of companion for households, with or without children. They’re a popular pet choice as they offer endless love and attention and can be a lot of fun in social situations. They’re also fairly easy to house-train and can provide an extra layer of security from possible intruders at home, particularly for those […]

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One Photo No Words 13th August 2017

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Top 10 Signs That You Need A Break

Lisa’s Life is taking a break this week and so to keep with the holiday mood I’m sharing this list that will help you decide if you too need time away. According to this my Summer trip was very overdue! Holiday Inn Express had a study done earlier this year in which it was discovered […]

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One Photo No Words 6th August 2017

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Post 40 Bloggers Writing Prompt: Something You’ve Let Go

Letting Go One girl and her dog Suited me so well But when losing Stella Contentment didn’t dwell. A man arrived to love me My days consumed again A new canine companion Became if instead of when. Being part of family Fulfilling and time filled Kids would love a puppy In the happy home we’d […]

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A Walk at Wicken

It was Amazon Prime Day recently so I decided to update my compact camera. While I love taking the Nikon out and about, for our upcoming Summer holiday I thought it would be better to leave it behind and take something more portable. Before I invested in the DSLR I had a Panasonic Lumix that […]

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One Photo No Words 30th July 2017

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