With Julia’s 100 word challenge being ‘pink’ and Sara’s prompt being ‘wonder’ there really was only one subject for this week’s poem wasn’t there?!  photo credit: Ecco Le Prime Foto Della Royal Baby Figlia Di Kate Middleton e Del Principe Willams via photopin (license) ∗♥∗♦∗♥∗ Royally adored since before she was born; All of the front […]

…And Then I Smiled…

They sat me down, I felt butterflies expectantly fluttering in my tummy. Then, they told me their sad news, and then they cried, and then I cried. Months later; same scenario; same outcome; same tears. Months later; more hushed conversations; we mustn’t hope for the best for fear of expecting the worst. Mustn’t make plans; […]