Woof Wednesday Does Colouring In For Grown Ups

I’ve shared with you before that I’m a long-time member of the colouring-in for grown-ups club so when I was asked if I’d like a colouring book full of dogs, called ‘Amazing Dogs’, well, you can imagine that it sounded pretty perfect! Inside, you’ll find over 30 different doggy designs so there’s bound to be […]

My Sunday Stationery Photo

Browsing an antiques and collectibles shop in Ely yesterday and couldn’t resist an old book called a The Calligrapher’s Companion. I say old but it was actually printed in 2006 – not much of an antique! Calligraphy is something I’ve tried in the past so this really appealed. Lots of lovely lettering inside 🙂  

Woof Wednesday: Words and Pictures.

I love books.   Big books; little books; Fact; fiction; Funny books; scary books; Autobiography; poetry;   But, especially…doggy books! As my to-do pile grows ever larger by the day while the vertigo snatches precious reading time away, the last 2 books I treated myself to suited my current needs perfectly.   They’re all about […]